Ian Somerhalder Girlfriend

Ian Somerhalder Updated GirlfriendIan Somerhalder Updated Girlfriend

All it takes is a bite from a vampire to taste a glimpse of immortality. Although these often pretty bloodsuckers do not officially exist (maybe they do, maybe they don’t), they sure are eye candy to behold, especially on the boob tube. One such hot vampire is the talented Iam Somehalder, the star of the popular Vampire Diaries franchise!


Concerning his love life, is there any female out there who can match up to this fabulous creature of the night? Apparently there is, and he does not need to look far for her – it’s his co-star, Nina Dobrev, who can be called the apple of his eye!

Exotic Beauty

Ian sure does like his girls different. Nina doesn’t fail to disappoint, with her born in exotic Bulgaria. Having moved to Canada at a later age, she brings in a different yet refreshing mix of different cultures. This can be considered as something that excites Ian!

Pure Talent

More than just a pretty face, Nina is multi-talented, excelling in different forms of art. She can move to different beats, particularly jazz and ballet dances. She can soar high and land gracefully as a swan, with her training as a rhythmic gymnast. Of course, it can be seen and felt how great she is an actress with the way she plays as Katherine Pierce of Vampire Diaries!


It’s boob tube romance done in real life with Ian and Nina’s romantic affair! Rumors say that they’ll be tying the knot soon! Hope this is true – they’re a wonderful couple!

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